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There are several differences between the N95 and the kN95 masks. Now these two names are pretty similar so it might be confusing to know exactly what is the same and what is different between these two kinds of masks. First of all, let's look at the name so the N95 is the U.S.A standard and the kN95 is the china standard.  First of all what's the same now when most of us are out buying masks what we care most about is how well these masks can filter out things like viruses, bacteria and other really really tiny particles. Good news is it turns out these two masks standards both filter out the same amount of particles they both filter out 95% of those tiny particles. So that's the main similarity between the masks let's look in a little bit more detail at some of the differences between the two standards. The kN95 standard actually has a requirement on fit tests. A fit test is where you measure how well a mask fits around your face and how well the mask is able to filter out  on your face.

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 The kN95 Chinese standard has a requirement for this in the standard whereas the N95 standard does not. That doesn't mean that in the U.S.A people don't do fit tests or organizations like hospitals don't require fit tests. Fit tests are still really important, and organizations in the U.S.A do them and make sure and they require them for their workers, just that it's not part of the N95 standard. The other minor differences are to do with how well you can actually breathe through the mask. The N95 standard has slightly more stringent requirements on breathability of the mask. That means it may be slightly easier to breathe, both out and in through the N95 masks when compared to the kN95 masks.

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How useful are face masks during the corona crisis? Experts can't really agree on this. Should we wear them and if so who should wear them? Do they protect me or the other person, and which types of masks make sense at all? In many Asian countries face masks are regarded as one of the main weapons in the fight against the coronavirus, and in China, it's even forbidden to be on the streets without a mask.  More local authorities do recommend to wear masks in public. Is wearing a face mask useful during the coronavirus crisis or is it all just nonsense? Opinions are divided but there seems to be a growing consensus that we can't stay in permanent crisis mode. But how do we enter the lockdown without risking a rise in new cases and consequently a higher death toll? Not all respirator masks are created equal we can generally distinguish between three main types; so-called filtering facepiece or FFP masks fit snugly around the nose mouth and chin and filter out the tiniest airborne particles.

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The most effective type lets no viruses in or out an exhalation valve and makes breathing easier but increases the risk of viruses escaping. So an unveiled FFP mask protects both the wearer and the person they encounter. With a valve, it only reliably protects the wearer. FFP masks are in short supply worldwide so they should be mainly reserved for medical personnel. A mask that's often seen nowadays is this simple protective face piece for the mouth and nose known as a surgical mask (3-ply).  It consists of several layers of paper or non-woven fabric with a thin wire to make it fit over the nose when the wearer coughs or sneezes the surgical mask blocks the large droplets but on inhalation air also flows in over the sides. That means that it mainly protects others from infection rather than the wearer.

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Once the mask is wet from breathing after eight hours of wearing time at the most it has to be discarded. In the COVID 19 crisis, professionally manufactured masks are in short supply. That's led to a flourishing cottage industry in DIY masks whether using handkerchiefs t-shirts or vacuum cleaner bags people all around the world are reviving up their sewing machines. A textile mask functions rather like a protective mask made of paper, but generally has a poor seal and blocks only 1/3 of the droplets that a surgical mask does according to a study. However, a cloth mask can be washed and reused. The most important thing is no matter which masks you wear, it can only be effective if used with hygiene measures, like thorough hand washing and keeping a safe distance from others, and still, some people say any mask is better than others.